Three Ways To Ensure That Sealcoating On Your Driveway Has Time To Dry Properly

Three Ways To Ensure That Sealcoating On Your Driveway Has Time To Dry Properly

27 December 2017
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Sealcoating your driveway every few years can help to make it last as long as it possibly can. It is important to protect the driveway for a few days after the sealcoating is done so that it has time to penetrate the surface of the driveway. The following guide walks you through a few ways you can ensure nothing goes onto the driveway until the sealcoating is completely dry.

Block the End of the Driveway

People have busy lives and there are many times when homeowners forget that they have had their driveway seal coated recently. It is best to take the time to create a barrier at the end of the driveway that blocks anyone from being able to drive on it. This ensures that no one can forget that the driveway cannot be driven on for a few days.

Talk to Your Family About the Sealcoating

It is important to let your family know that the sealcoating is going to take place and that they cannot walk on the driveway for a few days. You may want to place signs on the sides of your driveway so that your family can be reminded not to walk on it when they play in the yard or are walking home from school. The signs can also let neighbors know that they need to avoid walking on the driveway if they are not aware that it was recently seal coated.

Walk Your Dogs on a Leash

If you have an underground fence in your yard, you more than likely are able to let your dogs go out to use the restroom on their own typically. It is important to avoid letting them run around after your driveway has been seal coated because there is a good chance that they will walk on the driveway when they go outside. Take the time to walk your dog around your yard on a leash for a few days to ensure that they do not accidentally walk on the driveway.

If leaves or sticks fall on the driveway, it is not anything to worry about. The leaves and sticks are typically very lightweight and will not cause any damage to the driveway. Once the sealcoating has had time to dry, you can use the driveway the same way that you normally do without worry about it being damaged in any way. The coating will help to protect it and ensure it is as strong as it can possibly be for the next few years.

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