A Guide To Replacing Parking Lot Gravel With Asphalt

A Guide To Replacing Parking Lot Gravel With Asphalt

28 December 2017
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Very few businesses can actually afford to have an asphalt parking lot up front. In fact, most businesses may actually just have a gravel lot until they can afford to use asphalt or even concrete on the parking lot. After a while, your customers may start to complain about your gravel parking lot. The stones can become loose, and then your parking lot becomes a safety hazard. Then, customers may complain that they get gravel in their vehicles. Loose gravel stones create uneven surfaces that present a personal injury risk. It is time to get paving contractors to replace your gravel with asphalt or another, more durable material. 

Why choose asphalt over gravel?

There are several advantages of choosing to do an asphalt repair over a gravel parking lot. Gravel needs to be maintained or its surface can become dangerous. Asphalt requires less maintenance. It also does not cause dust and thus requires no clean-up for your customers' vehicles. Asphalt is also very durable. Gravel makes snow removal difficult, and the surface can become uneven as a result of sinkholes and ruts.

Next Steps

So, once you have decided on an asphalt repair, the onus is on you to hire an asphalt contractor to pave your parking lot. It is a big project, so it is not something that you can do yourself. Look for a contractor who is reputable, someone who has good reviews and customer feedback. Even if they do not have a website, you should be able to get information about the contractor by asking around. They should also be experienced and one of the best in the city or town. The contractor you chose should not only be reputable but trustworthy and able to get the job done within the stipulated time frame.

When the Job Starts

Once the right contractor is chosen. The company should send someone to examine the parking lot and determine the best grade of asphalt to be used on the site. This is necessary to allow water runoff. Once the site is examined and the grade is chosen, the contractor will lay the foundation for the paving. So, when the installation is completed, the next step would be to regularly maintain the asphalt repair. Maintenance can be as simple as fixing potholes and cracks and then seal coating the surface. An asphalt parking lot that is well maintained can have up to ten years added to its life.

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