How To Keep Your Asphalt Installation Under Budget

How To Keep Your Asphalt Installation Under Budget

28 December 2017
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Any project that you engage in runs the risk of going over budget. You may have a particular price in mind, but your asphalt contractor has another price in mind. While going with the cheaper contractor may save you money, another thing to consider is the quality of the job that you would get done. Just because a job is going to be cheap and within your budget, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best job to choose. Money saved on the job may actually be money that you would be forced to spend in the future, at a greater hassle. So, how do you keep your asphalt installation on a budget?


A good way to keep your asphalt installation on a budget is to issue requests for asphalt paving specialists to express their interests in taking up your project. It may seem like a tedious exercise, but you get to check their experience, see references for similar projects, and you can pay them for quotes. You would select the asphalt contractor who has the most experience and who can work with your budget.


The more time that is spent on installation is more money you will have to pay. Some contractors may charge per day and others by the job. It is a good idea to select a contractor who charges you a fixed price. That way, if there are circumstances that prevent them from working a full day's work, you will not have to eat the cost.

Life Expectancy

Even if you are getting asphalt installed, you should consider the life expectancy. Generally, a good installation could last for 20 years. If you maintain your asphalt's cracks and potholes and reseal surfaces, it has potential to last even longer. That, in itself, is a long-term cost saving and preventative method. When repair work needs to be done, if you do not have all the money upfront, you should extend the repairs into a two-year period.


Rather than compromising quality for quantity, you should do research to find the average cost of an asphalt installation and save towards that goal or take out a loan to meet the difference. If you cannot afford it now, maybe wait a few months or until the next year until you can afford it, because you want to get the job done right the first time. Money, like time, is a valuable resource, and not one that is infinite.

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