Several Tips For Managing Your Paving Project

Several Tips For Managing Your Paving Project

28 December 2017
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Pavement can be extremely useful for your property. Whether it is for the driveway, sidewalks, or a patio area, pavement can provide you with a hard surface that will avoid becoming muddy. Despite the versatility of pavement, there are several key tips that homeowners should be using if they are to maximize the results that they get from their new pavement.

Have a Soil Test Performed

Prior to having the pavement poured, a comprehensive soil test should be performed. This test will measure several important factors about the ground in the area that will be paved. For example, these tests will let you know whether the soil is strong enough to support the weight of the pavement. Also, these tests can help you with anticipating the amount of erosion that you can expect after the pavement is installed. If you find that the results of these tests are rather poor, you may want to consider relocating your paving project to an area with more stable soil conditions.

Leave Pouring the Pavement to a Professional Contractor

Homeowners will often assume that pouring concrete or asphalt will be a simple task. However, this work can be surprisingly difficult as you may struggle to ensure that the pavement is poured as evenly as possible. Mistakes during this process can increase the cost of the project by wasting pavement while also reducing the durability of the finished pavement. While hiring pavement contractors will require you to pay the fees for these professionals, this is a minor expense compared to what it would cost to tear up and repour pavement that was done incorrectly the first time.

Appreciate That Pavement Will Have Some Maintenance Requirements That Must Be Met

After your new pavement is installed, you should consider the various forms of maintenance that will be needed to keep the pavement in good condition. Failing to adequately maintain paved surfaces can allow moisture and other substances to cause extensive damage to it over the year. Protecting the pavement against moisture damage may seem as though it will be a largely impossible task, but you can easily do this by keeping the pavement coated in a waterproof sealant while also working to reduce the prevalence of standing water on or near the paved surface. Additionally, cleaning any oil or other fluids that could spill on the pavement is important to this task; these materials may be acidic or otherwise harsh enough to eat through the protective sealant and hurt the surface of the pavement enough to lead to cracks or other damages.

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