Eliminate Ridges From A Concrete Patio Before Sealing Pavement

Eliminate Ridges From A Concrete Patio Before Sealing Pavement

11 January 2018
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You tried to install a homemade concrete patio adjoining your patio, and for the most part it looks pretty good. There is only one problem, you failed to smooth out the concrete mix properly and now there are ridges in the surface of the concrete that stick out like a sore thumb. Don't throw in the towel and settle for a concrete patio that is less than satisfactory. Use the tips below to smooth out the patio's surface and apply a coat of sealant to it so that the patio's appearance will be preserved. 

Materials You Will Need

  • drum floor sander
  • high grit sandpaper
  • edging machine
  • safety goggles
  • gloves
  • concrete cleaning agent
  • sponge mop
  • hose and nozzle
  • drop cloths
  • waterproof sealant
  • cotton or wool paint roller
  • handle

Rent And Familiarize Yourself With Equipment

Rent a drum floor sander and edging machine from a business that rents commercial equipment. During your visit to the business where you are acquiring equipment from, let the clerk who assists you know that you do not know how to use the equipment if you have never used this type of machinery before. You will likely receive a brief overview on how to operate the equipment.

If the sanding machines are rather heavy, ask for assistance with loading them up into your vehicle. Purchase high grit sandpaper, safety goggles, and thick gloves. After securing a piece of paper to each machine, put on the goggles and gloves. 

Sand The Concrete

The drum floor sander is a machine that is designed to cover large areas. If the ridges are present in the central part of the patio and cover a wide range, turn on the sander and lower the drum before pushing the sander's handle to move the machine across the pavement in straight lines. 

If the ridges are located near the edges of the patio, the edging machine will be needed to remove the marks. This machine is much smaller than a drum sander and you will need to kneel down as you apply pressure to the back of the edging machine. Move the machine firmly over the ridges until they are no longer visible. 

Clean And Seal The Patio

Use a concrete cleaning agent and sponge mop to remove footprints and sanding dust from the patio. Use a hose to rinse away loose debris. After the patio has dried, use a paint roller to cover the patio with sealant. Avoid getting sealant on the ground by using drop cloths to protect surfaces. After sealant has dried, place furnishings and decor on the patio. If you have more questions, contact concrete finishing services.

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