Raveling: What Is It And How Does It Affect Your Parking Lot?

Raveling: What Is It And How Does It Affect Your Parking Lot?

11 January 2018
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Keeping your parking lot in good repair is one of the best ways to keep your customers safe. But if your lot's pavement begins to crumble, crack, or fall apart, it may be due to a problem called raveling.  Raveling can eventually cause problems with your customers' vehicles. Here's more information about raveling and how you can treat it.

What's Raveling?

Raveling occurs when pieces of stone (aggregate) loosen up and separate from the asphalt. Without stone to support it, the asphalt becomes rough and unstable. Cracks of various sizes may also develop along the pavement. If water seeps inside the cracks, it can damage the foundation below your lot.

Raveling not only affects the appearance and safety of your lot, it can endanger your customers. Water that collects below or between the pavement may cause it to lift in places. The cars of customers may potentially hydroplane or lose grip on the pavement from the damage. Customers that receive injuries from their ordeal may take legal action against you in court.

You can prevent problems with your customers and improve the condition of your lot with the right tips.

How Do You Treat Raveling?

The treatment for raveling may depend on its severity. If small areas of the lot appear raveled, an asphalt pavement contractor may suggest that you patch or replace these locations. If your lot show signs of raveling all over, it's probably safer to repave the entire lot. A contractor will generally pull up and remove the lot from the ground before they install a new lot. This step may take some time to carry out, so you may wish to use an alternative lot or parking area for your customers.

After you make the necessary changes and repairs to your lot, speak to a paving contractor about regular maintenance checks. Maintenance checks allow a paving contractor to spot and repair areas of raveling before they become large problems.

A contractor may also suggest that you place a new seal coat over your lot to keep it free of problems. The coating not only protects your lot from raveling, it may prevent the sun's heat from damaging or fading the lot's surface. Sun and water damage may lead to raveling and other serious problems over time.

If you have questions about your parking lot maintenance or need to make repairs now, contact a paving contractor for further assistance.

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