Make Your Farmer's Market More Attractive to Both Vendors & Customers

Make Your Farmer's Market More Attractive to Both Vendors & Customers

18 January 2018
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Wondering what you can do to make your farmer's market more attractive to vendors and customers alike? Here are three effective options to consider:

Create and Feature a Directory

Make it easy for customers to find vendors by featuring a vendor directory near the entrance of your farmer's market. You can have a sign professionally made or simply hang a laminated poster board up to offer your customers with some guidance. Your vendors will appreciate the directory because it provides free advertising and it should will help ensure that every visitor to the farmer's market can find them.

Your directory should be designed as a map so visitors can visually gauge where vendors they're interested in are located. You should also assign each vendor a number and use the numbers to identify each vendor stall on your map directory. Vendors can then hang signs that feature their designated numbers so visitors know they've reached the right location based on the direction they took from your entrance map.

Get Authorized to Accept SNAP

By registering for a USDA account and filling out a SNAP retailer application, you can get authorization to accept payments from customer who are utilizing your state's supplemental nutrition assistance program. More people in your community will have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and your vendors will have an opportunity to make a lot more money when they sell at your market.

If not all your vendors want to participate, you can have the ones who do hang placards on their stalls that let customers know that they accept SNAP payments. This will keep vendors from having to turn away customers and help ensure that customers with SNAP know exactly where to shop.

Have Your Property Paved

If your farmer's market property isn't already paved, it's a good idea to consider having it done. Gravel can be hard to walk on, especially for kids and older adults. It can also be hard on the tables and stands your vendors using to display their goods. Dirt and grass can get muddy, which isn't convenient or comfortable for anyone involved.

Providing your vendors and farmer's market visitors with a solid paved surface to walk on will help keep everyone safe and ensure optimal comfort so people are more likely to linger longer during their visit. There are a variety of materials you can use to pave the property such as concrete, asphalt, limestone, and even granite—paving contractors like T & A Paving can help you decide which option is best for your site.

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