How To Maintain Two Attractive Home Paving Options

How To Maintain Two Attractive Home Paving Options

23 January 2018
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There are many paving and surfacing options available for adding traction to, reducing mud, and improving your dirt-covered yard. Here are some details about keeping your gravel or asphalt paved surface looking nice and keeping it maintained.

Gravel Driveway

A gravel driveway in front of your home provides a low-cost, dirt- and mud-free parking and drive surface with a uniform and attractive appearance. A durable gravel driveway should be made up of several inches of gravel. The base layer of gravel should be made up of larger-sized gravel with the middle and top layers of gravel progressively smaller in size with the smallest-sized gravel on the top layer.

When your gravel surface has been installed properly, driving upon your gravel driveway should not allow dirt and dust to come up between your gravel. But, overtime, the gravel can become moved from its position and ruts can form in the gravel from vehicles passing over its surface.

To repair this type of damage, you should have the gravel supplemented regularly with new top-layer gravel. You can keep an extra load of gravel nearby on your property to fill in holes as they form, or order an appropriately-sized load of gravel to refill upon your driveway. It is also necessary to keep a gravel rake on hand to rake and smooth out your gravel as it becomes disturbed, especially when it gets pushed off the sides of your driveway onto your nearby lawn or landscaping.

Asphalt Paved Surface

Asphalt paving is another affordable and durable type of paving you can install as pavement on your property. And if you have an existing gravel driveway you want to upgrade to asphalt, gravel is commonly used for a base layer for new pavement and the asphalt can be installed directly onto existing gravel. The flexible layer of asphalt over the gravel needs to have a base layer that will give support while allowing for good moisture drainage. You don't want your asphalt to receive heave damage after its base layer has absorbed and held in moisture that freezes and expands during cold weather.

Asphalt is made of a combination of flexible tar emulsion and gravel, but it can become brittle as it ages. When its tar emulsion dries out from the weather and becomes brittle, your asphalt surface can begin to form cracks and break apart. Coating your asphalt driveway every few years with a seal coat application will restore its black color and its appearance, while it adds moisture and flexibility back to the pavement. Then, it is important to use an asphalt filler to fill in any cracks to prevent further deterioration.

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