Three Ways To Protect Your Driveway In The Winter

Three Ways To Protect Your Driveway In The Winter

24 January 2018
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The winter months and the weather conditions that they bring can wreak havoc on all exterior surfaces, and your driveway is no exception. Cold weather and heavy snowfall can make structural damage to your driveway a very real possibility. Fortunately, there are a few different things that you can do to ensure that your driveway stays in good condition until the warm weather returns.


The first thing that you should do to prepare your driveway for the winter months is to have any physical damage, like cracks and potholes, repaired before the snow actually falls. This is because any moisture that gets into openings and cracks in your paved surface will freeze, causing that crack to expand and worsen, spreading over the surface of your driveway and becoming more complicated to fix next year. Small cracks can be filled in with patching kits from hardware stores, but for larger areas of damage and deep potholes, it's a good idea to contact a paving company about resurfacing the entire driveway to ensure a completely repaired surface.

Avoid Salt

Placing salt down on your driveway may remove built up ice, but it can also cause extensive damage to the paved surface underneath due to its corrosive nature (not to mention the fact that it will hold onto moisture, which can cause further damage if it manages to get into a crack, as mentioned above). Instead, make use of sand or cat litter to provide more grip on the icy areas of your driveway without causing damage to the pavement below, and allow the ice to naturally melt away once the temperature ticks upwards.

Shovel with Care

Finally, you should also make sure that any winter snow clearing you do on your driveway is done with attention paid to the condition of the pavement underneath. Metal shovels and plows can cause gouging, cracking, and other forms of damage if used with too much force against the driveway. Instead, you'll want to make use of plastic tools that are more likely to suffer themselves if they come into contact with the driveway with too much force. Alternatively, you may also want to look for metal tools that have rubber coatings on the edges, which helps blunt the worst of the trauma to your driveway. Of course, a snow blower is the best tool to use, since it will also save you a great deal of effort while protecting your driveway. 

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