Things Homeowners Should Know About Resurfacing Pavement

Things Homeowners Should Know About Resurfacing Pavement

15 April 2018
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Ensuring that your pavement is properly maintained will likely require you to have some minor and major repairs done to it. However, you may not have all of the information that you need when it comes to meeting this need of your pavement.

How Does Resurfacing Differ From Replacing The Pavement?

Resurfacing can be a very cost-effective solution for addressing numerous problems with the pavement. Some homeowners will assume that resurfacing is the same as replacing the paved surface, but there is an important difference. During resurfacing, a contractor will simply remove the first few inches of the pavement so that it can be replaced. when the entire pavement is replaced, it will all be broken up and removed. Not surprisingly, this is far more expensive than simply repaving the first few inches of the pavement.

What Types Of Problems Are Corrected By Resurfacing?

Resurfacing can be extremely effective for addressing cracking in the surface of the pavement. Many pavement cracks will be too deep to be addressed with simple repairs, but resurfacing will remove most of these cracks and completely fill in whatever remains. In addition to cracks, resurfacing can also be used to repair potholes and uneven pavement. There are limits to the amount of damage that can be repaired with resurfacing, and you will want to have your particular pavement issues inspected before you decide on a repair solution.

Are There Steps For Avoiding The Need To Resurface Your Pavement?

You can avoid needing to resurface or repair your pavement by ensuring that you are taking good care of it. This will mean cleaning and sealing it. Furthermore, you should act quickly when minor cracks form as you may be able to repair these issues before they can spread enough to require resurfacing. To help you remember to do this maintenance, you should perform this maintenance on the pavement at the same time of the year. For example, if you always inspect and service the pavement during the spring or fall months, you will be able to ensure that you remember to do this work each year.

If you are looking to maintain your pavement, you will want to learn about the option of using resurfacing to repair and maintain it. Understanding the way that resurfacing will vary from replacing the pavement, the types of issues and limits to these repairs along with the steps for avoiding needing this type of major work done will help you to be responsible when it concerns the paved parts of your property.

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