Benefits Of An Asphalt Driveway On Your Property

Benefits Of An Asphalt Driveway On Your Property

23 July 2019
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Adding a durable paving surface to your home is an improvement to your property that will provide you with convenience, add value to your property, and improve the visual appearance of your yard. You can select a driveway made of one of several materials, each with their own benefits and drawbacks, but asphalt has a great many pros in addition to its affordable price. When you choose to install an asphalt driveway, here are some of the perks you will benefit from as the homeowner.

Short Cure Time

One of the first benefits you will notice when you get an asphalt driveway installed is how soon it is ready for use. Once the hot asphalt mixture is poured and compressed onto the surface area, it will be ready for you to drive and walk upon usually within a few hours or on the same day. On the other hand, concrete needs several days' time to harden and cure properly before it can take any pressure on its surface.

Flexibility and Durability

Unless you live in a tropical climate, your home and property will experience the effects of cold and freezing temperatures and weather. When the weather drops below freezing, any moisture present in the cracks or air pockets within your asphalt will freeze and expand. Even the soil below your asphalt will expand if it contains any amount of moisture. 

This freezing can cause the asphalt to heave upward and expand. In something like concrete, the cold will cause it to crack. Fortunately, with asphalt's flexible nature it will merely flex and return to normal once the temperature rises and the environment thaws. And in hot weather, the asphalt will soften due to the pressure from vehicles. This feature of asphalt makes it flexible and durable so it can last many years.

Easy Winter Maintenance

Asphalt is also easy to care for during the winter. Normally when you need to apply an ice-melt product upon cement it will damage the concrete surface, so it is not recommended. Instead, you are encouraged to use a snow shovel and apply sand to keep the effects of ice at a minimum. But with asphalt, you can apply any number of ice melt products, such as potassium or magnesium chloride, to melt ice and keep it at bay.

Ease of Edging Materials

Another benefit of installing asphalt is that you can apply a variety of edging methods to support the paving of your driveway. For example, if you want to edge it with concrete curbing, paving stones, or the existing soil, you can do so. If you choose to leave the edges of your asphalt unfinished or to support them with an edging of loose gravel, you only need to angle the edges at a 45-degree angle, sloping toward the soil's edge.

For more information, reach out to residential paving contractors.

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