Insight To Repair And Maintain Your Home's Asphalt Pavement

Insight To Repair And Maintain Your Home's Asphalt Pavement

4 September 2019
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Home ownership comes with a great deal of responsibility and continuous repairs to keep it up in a well-maintained condition, and to ensure your home retains and builds its value and your equity. Part of home maintenance includes the outside of the home and its pavement, including asphalt surfaces. 

Asphalt surfaces require some basic upkeep to help them last long and remain flexible through the years when they begin to dry out and oxidize, resulting in cracks. Here are some insightful tips to help you tackle your home's cracking and crumbling asphalt so you can make the repairs to ensure it lasts many more years.

Complete a Do-It-Yourself Repair

When your asphalt begins to dry out and form cracks over its surface, it is important to repair the cracks as soon as possible to avoid their enlarging and causing further deterioration. Clean out the cracks of dirt and weed growth so the crack has a clean surface for the asphalt repair mix to adhere to. You can use a cold asphalt mixture to compact into the cracks or a liquid emulsion, depending on the size of the cracks. You can find either of these products at a local home improvement retailer. 

If you are repairing a larger pothole, be sure you remove the area of damage by cutting around the area with a circular saw and a masonry blade. Clean out the area of rocks and dirt, then apply a new layer of cold mix asphalt, compacting it into the site with a compactor or the end of a wooden four-by-four.

Use Professional Repairs

Another option you can rely upon to keep your asphalt well-maintained is a professional asphalt company to work in the necessary repairs. They can determine the level of damage to your pavement that they need to repair so it lasts. 

For example, if your asphalt is showing signs of pattern cracking over large areas of the pavement, this can indicate a failure of its base layers and may require a removal and full replacement of the foundation gravel and the top asphalt layer. Or if your asphalt is experiencing cracking along its edges due to improper edge formation during installation, your pavement professional can repair the edges and use supportive edging materials or form the edges at their appropriate 45-degree angle for a strong structure.

Talk to your asphalt paving company about repairing potholes and cracking to prevent further deterioration. They can install and compact hot mix asphalt to ensure the repairs last as long as possible. Then, as a protective sealant, ask about sealcoating treatments every few years to restore the look and condition of your asphalt's surface.

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