Five Ways To Prevent Puddles In Asphalt Parking Lots

11 September 2020
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Puddles in a parking lot aren't just a nuisance; they shorten the life of the lot because they can lead to cracks and potholes. Fortunately, most puddle issues can be prevented with planning and maintenance. 1. Check the Grade A parking lot should be graded so that it slopes towards the drain. This grade is usually minor, less than 15%, but it is sufficient for water to run off the lot instead of puddling. Read More …

3 Worthwhile Advantages Of Concrete Finishing Services

15 July 2020
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If you have an area that you spend a lot of time around that features concrete, such as the garage, you might consider having the surface professionally finished. When you do, you'll gain access to a lot of worthwhile benefits. Prevents Chipping Concrete is a pretty durable material, but one thing you do have to worry about from a structural standpoint is chipping. When this happens a lot, the concrete surface will look old and it may potentially lead to costly repairs. Read More …

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